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application and Admission requirements

Preparing to study abroad can be overwhelming if you do not plan properly. This application and admissions requirements page is a guide to help you in your preparation and planning. Bespoke Study Agency counsellors support all our students with the review of these documents and  the applications process.

a. Completing your application form

b. Collecting transcripts from previously attended institutions and reviewing them

c. Letters of recommendation

d. Statement of Purpose essays

e. Resume or CV ( Certain Post Graduate Programs)

f. Financial Affidavits or Proof of funds

g. Copy of Passport page and History of travel


Universities and Colleges courses have various entry requirements. This guide provides you with details on eligibility, selection criteria, study mode, and how to apply.

Academic Requirements
Completion of secondary studies equivalent to Secondary School or Year 12 is generally required for admissions to most courses of study. Some certificate courses may be entered after completion of secondary education at year 11/10. Special entry for mature-aged students is also available and will be considered based on past secondary study, employment skills, or work experience.

English Language Requirements
All University and College courses have specified English language requirements. Entry to University and Colleges academic courses

For more information regarding English Language Requirements, please see the table below.

Additional Admission Requirements
Some courses may have additional entry requirements, e.g. presentation of a portfolio of designs for Fashion, Design, and Art courses, or an audition tape for Creative Industries courses.

Computer literacy is recommended for all courses as computer use may be expected for researching and writing assignments.

Please contact Bespoke Study Agency before you apply, to ensure that you understand the requirements of Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)/Genuine Student (GS) status and overall compliance with the student visa conditions.

Submit your Application

Submit all your documents to

Accept your Offer

After submitting your application, you will receive a response from the school which is your offer letter. The offer letter may include Unconditional offer which means there are no conditions attached to your offer an you can secure your place as soon as possible.

You may receive a Conditional Offer which means there are conditions you must meet before accepting the offer. 

Please read the conditions stated in your offer letter, read the Refund policy and student agreement and return the signed copy of the student agreement with the offer letter.

Pay Your Course Deposit Fees

You will be required to pay a part of your tuition fees as a deposit before your Confirmation of Enrolment Letter will be released.

Health Insurance

Once you have your confirmation of Enrolment, you can now purchase your Overseas health insurance and apply for your visa.

Pre- Departure Package

Bespoke Study Agency will assit you with your pre-departure and travel details unti you arrive at your destination.

GTE Requirements:

Please find the GTE Requirements for different countries by clicking the links below.




Our student Reviews

Brown Anthony – After Attending the counseling session with David, I applied to study for my master’s degree studies at UON. I arrived in Australia in 2017 and I am now living and working in the NSW regional area.
Jennifer Bo – The study With Bespoke Online Seminar was very informative and i applied for the diploma in nursing program that has totally transformed my life. I now live and work in Gosford, NSW
David George – my counselor was very helpful with my application and documents and it was easy for me to get a visa because I was well prepared with all the requirements. I arrived in Australia in 2018 and I am now completing my studies in Biomedical Science.

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